Our Materials

Frame Moulding

We have the largest selection of frame moulding in West Michigan, stocking over 10,000 frame varieties. Many are handcrafted in Europe, and these authentic wood frames come in  a variety of stains and finishes. We also carry a large selection of metal frames.


We offer a range of glass options to provide UV protection and manage reflectivity, including Museum Glass, Conservation Glass, Non-glare Glass, Clear Glass, and Plexiglass.

  • Museum Glass: Supreme clarity and anti-reflective, with 99% UV protection. It is considered the highest quality available.
  • Conservation Glass: Blocks harmful UV light, preventing color loss and cumulative damage. Available in Clear & Non-glare.
  • Non-glare Glass: Diffuses reflections for a matte look, with 47% UV protection.
  • Clear Glass: A common option, no anti-reflective properties, with 47% UV protection.
  • Plexiglass: Lightweight and shatterproof, great for shipping and highly trafficked areas. Available in Clear, Non-glare, Abrasive-Resistant, & Museum.


Mat Board

We offer thousands of conservation grade mat board varieties, including Lignan-free and Acid Free, along with standard wood pulp mat board.

  • Museum Mat Board: These Conservation Grade mats are Acid Free and Lignan-free. They are buffered pH neutral to eliminate the acidic nature, and additionally treated to remove lignan, a compound that contributes to discoloration.
  • Conservation Mat Board: Another conservation option that has been treated to be Acid Free, though it is not Lignan-free.
  • Regular Mat Board: Standard wood pulp matboard, serving a functional role as a spacer between the art and glass, and serving a decorative role by accentuating your art.


Methods: We offer a variety of photo and print mounting options, including Dry Mounting, Photo Mounting, Spray Mounting, Museum Mounting (or Hinging), and Preserve Mounting.

Mount Board:  We also offer mount board varieties, including Acid Free foamcore, Regular foamcore, and Gatorboard in both white and black varieties.