Frame Repair & Restoration

The Frame and Mat Shop can repair, restore or replace most damaged frames with the exception of resin/plastic. Each frame is unique and requires a personal consultation with the frame present for a precise quote. It is important to note that there is some risk that a frame can be further damaged during the process of repair. Our experienced and professional staff will guide you through any risk involved during the initial consultation and examination of the frame.

Below is a list of frame types and services we provide for your frame repair/restoration needs.

Wooden Frames: Many times, frames fall off a wall or get damaged by unforeseen circumstances. Damage can include cracking, chips, scratches and broken corners. Wood frames are taken apart and rejoined so that all corners have a tight fit. Any voids from damage can be filled with the proper material depending on the frame.

Wood Frames with Ornate Plaster: We can restore damaged plaster by creating a mold for the frame and by re-gilding the surface.

Gilding: Brass or “schlag” metal leaf is the most common type of gold leaf people see and most frames are leafed with. Since gilding is all done by hand, several steps must be taken to ensure it is done correctly with special attention to detail. Though the process is time consuming, the final result is brilliant and any missing chips from damage will be undetectable.

Water Gilding is a process using 22, 23 or 24 karat gold or silver leaf and is of the highest quality. The frames we offer by Goldleaf Framemakers are all hand carved and gilded using this process.

Metal Frames: If a metal frame is bent, it cannot be bent back into its original shape. They can be cut down but repair options are very limited.


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