Mirrors & Glass Repair

The Frame and Mat Shop provides several glazing options if a replacement is necessary. In addition to glass, we also offer mirror replacement options including regular and beveled edges.

Glass options include clear and non-glare glass, Tru Vue 99% UV glass options including Conservation Clear, Conservation Non-Glare, Plexi and Museum Glass. Over-sized clear glass is available, but conservation glass options are limited over a certain size.

Clear Glass is the most commonly used glass but has no anti-reflective properties.

Non-glare Glass been etched to diffuse reflections, leaving more of a matte look over the framed artwork.

Conservation Glass is used to prevent UV light damage to artwork and is available in clear and non-glare. UV light contributes to irreversible color loss and cumulative damage.

Museum Glass is produced the same way as anti-reflective with the added benefits of UV protection and supreme clarity.

Plexi Glass is a light, shatterproof and abrasion resistant option great for shipping artwork or art in high traffic areas. It is available in several finishes including clear, non-glare and museum.


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