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The Frame and Mat Shop does not take any commission off our Featured Artists. The work of more local artists can be found in the gallery below.


Featured Artist

Sandy Meyer




Sandy Meyer’s work has been published in ‘SPLASH 15, Watercolor’, North Light Books, June, 2014; ‘The ARTISTIC TOUCH 5’, published October, 2012. Her watercolor techniques have also been featured in the WATERCOLOR MAGAZINE, SUMMER, 2011; AMERICAN ARTIST MAGAZINE, March 2007; THE ARTISTS’ MAGAZINE, April 2002; WATERCOLOR MAGIC, WINTER 1999; AMERICAN ARTIST MAGAZINE, March 1996; and THE ARTIST’S MAGAZINE, January 1993. Meyer holds signature membership in the Watercolor U.S.A. Honor Society and the Transparent Watercolor Society of America.

Images of Sandy Meyer’s artwork can be found in the gallery below or by visiting her website by clicking here.


Artist’s Showcase


Jennifer Jettner – Glassroots Jewelry

The story of Glassroots….

It began as a two-family vacation, typical of our spring break adventures over the years. Spring Break 2015, why not try Puerto Rico?

We booked our accommodations – looking for a budget, beachfront property. We ended up in a small town outside Rincon. The day of arrival we walked the beach, quickly discovering amazing sand and salt watered sea glass.

We eagerly woke every morning excited to discover the next “perfect” piece! One morning, we met a local older gentleman who shared his story of growing up in Puerto Rico and walking these beaches for decades finding sea glass. The only exception was when he was drafted and served in the Vietnam War. He said looking for sea glass was his therapy. His name was Louis.

Louis walked with us everyday – quickly sharing his “favorite, fairly unknown” spots to find sea glass. That was it – wow, we felt as though we struck gold!

Fast forward – we returned home to Grand Haven, Michigan, and quickly decided to share these treasures with the world by creating a jewelry business that features sterling silver sea glass necklaces, earrings, and more!

We will be forever thankful to Louis and just recently returned there and reconnected! It was amazing and we are honored to consider him a friend.

We are excited to share our love and passion for sea glass as well as Puerto Rico with you. Enjoy!


James and Melissa Richardson

Chad and Jennifer Jetner

Sandy Meyer – Watercolor Artist

Pete Blackburn Photography

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